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“Carol is an incredible author. This book so nicely captures the 12 life lessons that her son Khaleel taught her. Our children are both our students and our teachers. This book has helped enhance my relationship with both my son and wife. Thank you for sharing” Dr Sachin Patel

“With strength and charisma, Amaka Grant walks us through twelve powerful life lessons so beautifully demonstrated and taught by her son in his twelve years of life. Each memory she shares fills the reader’s heart with warmth and incites a measure of faith to persevere to the end. Khaleel Alfred-Fenton: More Than A Conqueror is sure to lift your spirit, strengthen your faith, and encourage you to hang in there just a little longer. This timely book of teaching will inspire you in every season of your life.” Kerri-Ann Haye-Donawa -Editor, Conclusio Inc.

“Author Amaka Grant writes from a place of truth and shares invaluable life principles. From the very introduction of this book, she draws our attention to the deep importance of living an intentional and purposeful life. I was especially moved by these words: “And so we learn... We are so busy surviving that we miss living. The remarkable truth I’ve learned about life is that it's not how much time we have that counts, but rather what we do with the time we’ve been given. …Twelve years well spent qualitatively exceeds eighty years squandered.” Amaka, well done!” Andrea Boweya Author, Master’s Degree in Counselling -Legacy Moment

“Whether you are being completely captivated by the life stories of Khaleel, or being motivated by the 'And So We Learn' lessons, your life will be enriched through this book.  Amaka's riveting book will birth a give it all you got mentality, she will challenge you to “reawaken your passion,” and charge you to accomplish all you can and "die empty."  It's a life changer...enjoy!  Well done Amaka!” Pastor Judith Meikle -Rhema Christian Ministries

“Can I just say finished the book and WOW!!! you have written a beautiful masterpiece of what living life should be whether in good health or not! You have captured in a book what take years for many to realize until it is to late. NO regrets should be our reason for not living the life God has for us.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the precious life that Khaleel lived as an example for us to appreciate our lives and that God has a perfect plan for each of us....Bless you, continue to write and can't wait for the Book Launch, as I had told you on Sunday....forget 5 stars, forget 10 stars.....I give it endless stars....well written.” OB

“Your book is amazing and so insightful, honestly the book can be used as curriculum in any classroom.  It is the perfect spiritual balance for the academic subjects being taught.  I seriously created curriculum in my head for each of the 12 lessons.” -Aniyka Tafari, Principal/Teacher 

“Feeling discouraged? Let his story give you hope and inspiration. Feeling overwhelmed? Let his experiences help you to put your life in perspective. Khaleel’s story moved me to tears and pricked me to do more with my life while teaching me the value of simplicity, joy, tenacity and laughter. This book has made me fall in love with him all over again. Amaka has given me a glimpse of the incredible love stories between a young man and his family, and a young man and his Creator. He has dared me to live and love more!” Cathy Morenzie Author, President of Healthy By Design
“I Read "More Than A Conqueror 12 Years 12 Lessons" today , and it brought a lot a lot a lot of tears to my eyes.....tears of joy, and tears of pain. Of course it brought a lot of laughter because every memory in the book is accurate! What also stood out to me were the valuable lessons and how they were creatively tied in with my cousins life journey. Great Read, well written.” Rahanna Alfred

"I have started reading the book and cannot put it down! Love it." SM

“Great lessons from a truly courageous son and a mother who skillfully captures the essence of his life in such a way that it transforms the reader. This book is a MUST READ!" Tanika Chambers Author, Single, Ready and Waiting

“This book will heal, teach and educate many in a powerful way. Khaleel's heart is resilient and forgiving until the end. His strength shall endure forevermore in all who read this book.” Leisa Washington -Philanthropist

“I must say I am very impressed with the book you wrote. I read the entire thing right there in Toronto and could not put it down. Your son was an amazing boy and his life has taught us so much. You are an amazing mother and you are an inspiration to all parents who may have lost a child or seeing them through illness. This book is a teacher's or school counselor's dream to use as an example for other young inspires, it encourages, it strengthens. I love your language and your style. It is so easy to read and "so we learn". Just love it!!” Merle Joseph –Educator

“More Than A Conqueror is inspiration, motivation and revelation in print. Such depth is usually complicated and difficult to apply but the lessons are followed by application recommendations. Immediately, after finishing the last page I took a step in the odyssey of my purpose. I will be intentional in having my "atmosphere steeped in scriptures and prayers". Calling this "a book" doesn't do this divinely inspired work justice.” Paula Reid

"I read your book and it was awesome! I really felt like I was there with you as you shared your experiences. I cried, I laughed out loud, I went through a whole spectrum of emotions reading this book! Khaleel was such an amazing force on this world!! I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to get to know him by sharing his light with us. The lessons are so valuable, relevant and universal. He was more than a conqueror and so are you:) Time to read it again!" Ab-G

"Amaka, I'm sad the book ended. Write another one! I love this book! As I come to the end of the book, it’s like walking through a day in Khaleel’s life. A brother I have never seen, but the book makes me realize he was a remarkable young man, one of kind. God have Your way with this book. It is an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. Well done Amaka!" AF

“If you have not read this book, get a copy today. Amaka unlocked the doors of her heart and shares the life of her son in a different way. Death is a sad thing but from the name of the book to the stories and practical words of challenge and encouragement More than a Conqueror is what it is. Whether in life or death we are more than... READ it today.” O. Stephen Peart, Author"

“This is truly an inspiring Story and so many lessons learnt and taught in a short time span, yet this book is timeless in the lessons shared. Superb job Amaka telling this story of Khaleel's Journey. I am actually re-reading the first section again" Nicole Donawa Waldron

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