Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Summary

Few of us can foretell or anticipate the challenges, obstacles and tragedies that our life story will entail.

From the first broken heart, academic ups and downs, relationship train wrecks, constant bills, yet evaporating money, company closures, big plans with small to no progress, being single too long or married too short (depending on our perspective at the moment), sickness and sometimes death; the chapters of our journey have no “previews” yet we are called to “act it out” on the stage of life. No re-do’s.

In this book, Amaka Grant invites us into the intimate journey of her son Khaleel as he faces the greatest challenge of his life, cancer. Now don’t pre-judge, it’s not a sad story, quite the opposite, MORE THAN A CONQUEROR is a book of encouragement, beautifully telling how light can shine in our darkest hour.

Through Khaleel’s twelve predominant character traits we are taught priceless life lessons. By the end of each chapter the reader has specific practical action items to “journey well”.

Discover how:
1. Attitude
2. Laughter
3. Justice
4. Confidence
5. Love
6. Athleticism
7. Creativity
8. Honesty
9. Courage
10. Faith & Hope
11. Wisdom
12. Strength

Can redefine your reality, shift your paradigm and allow you to see “that situation” with a brand new set of eyes. MORE THAN A CONQUEROR is a victory story, celebrate with us!